CW’s Batwoman

Following the news about the new Batman, is his female counterpart and cousin… “Batwoman“. The CW has been working on this show for a while and it will finally be arriving and joining the infamous Arrowverse.

Playing off the information that we have learned from the cross-over event in 2018, we know that Bruce Wayne/Batman has disappeared. No one knows where he is and no one is there to stop crime from running a muck within Gotham city, until the entrance of Kate Kane. Kate Kane, portrayed by Ruby Rose from “Orange is the New Black“, is the cousin of the last son of the Wayne family. Kate, who has a problem with authority and rules, decides to break into the Batcave and becomes the titular character who vows to pick up where the Batman has left off.

Rocking probably the best outfit in the entire Arrowverse, Ruby Rose is absolutely the best choice to play Batwoman. And although this show is gaining some negative heat, it should be said that people should wait for the final product to see what it will be like. All we have so far is a couple of two minute trailers and a little bit of show time, which wasn’t even on her own show.

Set for the CW fall schedule alongside “Supergirl“, “Batwoman” is ready for her own live-action introduction to the main stream audience.

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