“Cuphead” Is Becoming A Netflix Series

The incredibly difficult and popular indie platformer game is coming to a television near you. Originally developed by Studio MDHR, Cuphead will now be receiving an all new makeover for his new animated comedy series, “The Cuphead Show“.

The show will expand upon the 1930’s rubber hose animated cartoon world that the video game was originally set in. As well as improving and expounding upon the relationships and personalities of the characters within it.

Studio MDHR and Cuphead’s creators will be executive producers of the show, yet Netflix animation will be spear heading the new project. And the show is thought to revolve around the same story as the game, where Cuphead and his brother Mugman make a deal with the devil, after losing at a high-stakes dice game.

With all these new shows popping up, such as “The Witcher” Netflix series, and the StarzHalo” series in production, it seems as though video games are taking over the world, and now we have “Cuphead” to join in on that trend.

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