Cuphead DLC Delayed Until 2020

The creators of the legendary and popular game “Cuphead“, Studio MDHR, have announced that the final DLC for their hit game will be delayed until 2020. Originally announced for 2019, the DLC called “Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course“, was pushed back due to an unhealthy workload on their employees.

The amazing people over at Studio MDHR have spoken about how a healthy workload and work pace can affect the making of their games. If you have an unhealthy amount of work to do on a very unhealthy schedule, then the finished product will be problematic and possibly not the best version of the game you could have gotten.

The developers have also dropped a new trailer for the new DLC, showing off the bullet hell boss rush game mechanics that the original game may be known for. While, also holding on to that rubber hose animation charm that made the graphics and movements of the game so astonishing.

Here’s the trailer from IGN:

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