Cristoph Waltz Returning For The New James Bond Film?

He’s back. The man who plays the worlds most dangerous villain and the leader of the secret organization out to take down MI6 and James Bond, Christoph Waltz is rumored to be reprising his role as the legendary villain Blofeld in the new James Bond 25 film.

Rumors have been floating around that Christoph Waltz would be returning to the James Bond series, yet there may be some truth to those rumors due to Christoph Waltz being seen on the set of James Bond 25.

His name was not placed on the cast list of the film back in April, but that hadn’t stopped people from suspecting that he would have some involvement in the project. Hopefully the character will be taking more of a backseat position to let Rami Malek‘s character excel, instead of having a “Dark Knight Rises” situation where you learn the bad guy isn’t actually the bad guy.

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