“Crawl” The New Jaws?

The newest film to add to the iconic director, Sam Raimi‘s, repertoire. “Crawl” is the mixture between “Jaws” and “The Titanic“, minus all the lovey-dovey stuff. The new film, by Paramount Pictures, looks to be a thrill-fest that preys upon the fears of those who have been trapped in a natural disaster before, with the addition of monstrous creature aka Alligators.

Based in the most horrifying part of the United States… Florida aka America’s mini-version of Australia (that’s a joke), the film is set during a massive hurricane that ravages the southern East coast. The film is about a woman, who despite being told to leave the state, goes in to find her father, only to find him horribly injured and wondering what had done it. When inspecting the area for the potential attackers, she finds it, only for it to attack her.

The film seems to mix the two genres of terrifying animals (like Jaws, Piranha, The Meg) and disaster films, creating an atmosphere full of suspense and horror, with an ever rising water line full of hungry alligators. The movie also seems to take a bit of inspiration from movies like “Alien“, where the characters are funneled into specific areas such as counter tops and limiting their movements , like the hallways and vents of the first “Alien”. This creates a sense of eeriness because of the rapidly changing environment and the lack of escape routes, while creatures you aren’t aware of track you down. The movie seems like it may be a good refresher for the disaster movie genre and may even revitalize the whole big animal genre that “Jaws” created so long ago.

Check out the trailer here:

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