Could Spider-Man 3 Potentially Cast Kraven The Hunter As The Villain???

With Spider-Man 3’s filming schedule already laid out, with shooting beginning in July of 2020, everyone is curious what the future of everyone’s favorite webhead is looking like. With Peter’s secret out, new adventures are abound as fans are suspecting that the world’s greatest hunter is on the loose and seeking his greatest prey yet, a teenager with radioactive spider powers.

These suspicions that surround the next big bad of the Spider-Man franchise come from the next films filming locations, specifically New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and… Iceland.

A mountainous and snowy region of the world, Iceland is often chosen as a filming location for that one purpose, and what famous Spider-Man villain is from a mountainous and snowy region of the world? Sergei Kravinoff, also known as Kraven the Hunter.

Sergei Kravinoff is a Russian immigrant and big game hunter, with enhanced physical strength, speed, agility, and stamina that can stand up to the likes of Spider-Man. He’s an expert tactician and tracker with the hand to hand combat ability to take down a lion.

And with the rise of Sergei Kravinoff, we could potentially see the rise of another villain as well, his brother… The Chameleon, a lesser known but equally important Spider-Man villain.

Tell us what your thoughts are on Kraven being the next Spider-Man villain, and who you think should play the world’s greatest hunter. Also let us know who you think will be the next Spider-Man villain by leaving a comment on our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter, or by leaving a comment down below.

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