Comicbook Writers Are Not Happy With Disney For Choosing JJ Abrams Writing Spider-Man

It seems many comic book writers are not as satisfied with JJ Abrams and his son writing Spider-Man as Marvel is. Deeming it an act of privilege, these comic book writers who have been working for so many years to just move up an inch in this business, seem to think they’ve been cheated out of working on one of the greatest comic book characters of all time.

These are just some tweets from famous comic book writers who have some problems with Marvel’s choice in JJ Abrams and his son. It seems they don’t have as much as a problem with JJ as they do with his son, Henry.

With some others saying that Henry Abrams doesn’t even acknowledge the privilege he has to write for one of the most famous and greatest superheroes of all time. While also criticizing the fact that JJ Abrams will be making the outline for the series, while his son does the writing and fills in the outline.

These two have no experience in writing comics and are getting the opportunity of a life time to write Spider-Man. No matter what, if it is privilege and name power alone, I don’t care, all I want is another amazing Spider-Man series.

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