Colin Trevorrow Confirms Leaked Star Wars Episode IX Concept Art Is Real And It’s Better Than What We Got…

Some concept art was recently leaked for the now released “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” film. The last in the series, many fans said the film was good but it wasn’t the best ending for a series that has defined 3 generations worth of fans. But now that this concept art, by Colin Trevorrow, has been released, it is starting to make fans wonder… “Why didn’t we get this film instead?”

The concept art tells an intricate story about Rey and her challenge of becoming a Jedi, as well as Kylo Ren and his rise to power within the First Order. It also ties up loose ended characters from Last Jedi who were just thrown to the side in Rise of Skywalker, such as Hux and Rose. The concept art also shows us a much more understandable and reasonable ending, with a battle between the First Order and the Resistance/Civilians of the planet Coruscant, instead of what we got in the film which was a bunch of ships coming out of nowhere.

Rey Training With Force Ghost Luke
Rey Used Her New Double-Bladed Lightsaber On A Star Destroyer Above Fondor
The Original Plan Was For Phasma To Be In Episode 9 Before Rian Johnson Killed Her Off In Episode 8. Here She Is Executing A Resistance Member For All To See.
This Planet Is Called Bonadon, Here Poe Dameron Would Have Led The Remaining Resistance Members To His Grandfather…
The Knights Of Ren Chase Rey And Poe
Tor Valum, An Ancient Sith That Taught Palpatine Much Of What He Knew, Goes On To Teach Kylo Ren The Ways Of The Darkside
Kylo Ren Duels Darth Vader In A Scene Very Familiar To That Of “Empire Strikes Back”. In This Version Of The Film Ren Also Creates A New Mask From Mandalorian Armor, Which You Can Somewhat See Here
The First Order Now Control Coruscant
Finn, Rose, C3PO, and R2D2 Send A Galactic Message From Underneath The Jedi Temple
C3PO and R2D2 Walk Through The Now Ruined Streets Of Coruscant
Finn Was Originally Meant To Lead A Rebellion Against The First Order
Those Left Fighting On Coruscant Use Modified Empire Weaponry While Hiding Under The Old Jedi Temple On Coruscant
Rey Combines Luke’s Destroyed Lightsaber With Her Staff To Create A Double Bladed One, She Then Uses It To Fight This Creature After Tracking Kylo Ren To Mortis
The Citizens Of Coruscant Adorn Themselves In Imperial Armor, To Protect Themselves, And Take The Fight To The First Order
Finn Waves A Rallying Flag As The Battle Between The Coruscant Rebellion And The First Order Begins
Originally This Art Was Thought To Be The Death Of R2D2 And An Emotional Moment For C3PO, But It Was Clarified By Colin Trevorrow That R2 Just Gets A Little Beaten Up
Kylo Ren Wears His New Mask, Which He Created After Being Scarred By A Sith Weapon That Wouldn’t Let Him Use It Due To The Conflict Within Him Regarding The Light And Dark Side Of The Force
Luke Was Originally Supposed to Appear Before His Nephew And Grab His Lightsaber Using The Force
Realizing That The First Order Was Losing The War, Hux Would’ve Used One Of The Lightsabers In His Collection (Which Was Supposed To Be Purple) To Commit Suicide
Originally, Leia Was Supposed To Create A Message That Would Instill A ‘New Hope’ In The Galaxy And Cause It To Rise Up Against Its Oppressors

As you can see, this art granted a powerful story full of emotional moments that we sadly didn’t get. It also showed a consistent plan throughout the new trilogy rather than what seemed to be an outline that was made up as the movies were released. It would’ve also included character building and arcs for beloved characters that didn’t get any, like Finn, as well as a beautiful homage to original films instead of just annoying references or blatant rip-offs of previously done stories. The relationship between C3PO and R2D2 would’ve been played out more showing their friendship a bit more, rather than the new cast just constantly disrespecting one of the only characters to be in all 9 films.

But tell us what you think, do you think this film would’ve been better than the series we got? Or do you think what we have now is perfect? Let us know by leaving a comment down below or by messaging us on our social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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