CM Punk Returns To WWE?

“The best in the world” has returned to the promise land it seems. With WWE Backstage ratings plummeting, there was only one way to draw enough attention to the 11 pm show. Invite one of WWE‘s hottest stars ever back.

The former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, made his first appearance on a WWE related show in years.

Although this does not mean he will make an in ring appearance, it is hinted at that there may be a possibility in the future. The former UFC fighter has been called out by Seth Rollins on twitter, to which WWE Backstage replied asking Seth to come on their show.

So does this mean that CM Punk is officially good with the WWE? Not quite. Punk was actually hired by Fox to appear on FS1‘s WWE Backstage. Fox actually asked for WWE’s blessing, but this does not technically mean that CM Punk is officially back with WWE.

Hopefully, we will get to see the straight edge one back in the ring in the near future. It may liven up the roster a little bit. And if a feud between him and Seth Rollins breaks out, it may actually bring the fans back to Rollins’ side… although doubtful considering Punk is an absolute fan favorite.

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