CM Punk In New Japan Pro Wrestling?

It seems as though everyday CM Punk is gracing the news, and it seems everyday as though no one knows where he will be going or what he will be doing. Believing he is the ticket to the war between WWE and AEW, news keeps spreading that the former WWE star turned UFC fighter is in talks with both promotions. Nothing is ever truly revealed about these talks, but they are there. Well, perhaps he isn’t even staying in the United States, maybe he’s going across the Pacific to the great island known as Japan…

New Japan Pro Wrestling, also known as NJPW, is an amazing wrestling company. Providing a more realistic version of wrestling story telling compared to WWE’s soap opera, NJPW makes it seem as though it is really a fight.

Recently, one of NJPW’s rising stars Kenta (also known as WWE’s Hideo Itami) made a shocking move by turning on his friends and joining the Bullet Club. The master of the “Go 2 Sleep” joined New Japan not to long ago, due to the publicity the company has and the fact that it is going worldwide. Due to this, Kenta has requested a dream match. Offering a challenge to the legendary CM Punk, Kenta took to twitter challenging CM Punk to put his “Go 2 Sleep” up against Kenta’s.

It is doubtful that CM Punk would actually take the match and compete in NJPW, but it would be an amazing match to see. The two masters known for the “Go 2 Sleep” facing off in the squared circle, plus the return of CM Punk to the ring. Who knows, it may happen it may not. Although doubtful that it will happen.

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