CM Punk Addresses AEW Rumors

Just the other day, CM Punk took to his Instagram to discuss his potential signing for the wrestling company that is taking the world by storm. If you don’t know, AEW will be holding a pay-per-view event in Chicago, Illinois, CM Punk’s home town. Is there a chance that the summer of Punk might find its way back into the light?

On Instagram, Punk posted a story marking a big announcement for wrestling fans. Writing:

Guys. Guys! OMG. I heard a rumor. It’s finally happening!!!” Punk wrote. “Proud to announce the latest signing to AEW…

Getting fans’ hopes up, he then crushed them all in one fatal swoop by showing a picture of Prince Kharis, a man who dressed like a mummy and wrestled for Smokey Mountain Wrestling back in the 90’s. Punk then said, “Welcome to AEW Prince Kharis” before signing off.

AEW has definitely expressed their interest in bringing the now MMA fighter onto the roster, with both Chris Jericho and AEW president Tony Kahn constantly saying he has home there if he wants it. Sadly, it seems that CM Punk isn’t ready to come back to wrestling and it seems that the straight edged one may never be. But who knows? It does seem as though he is having fun trolling the constant reports that he is joining AEW though, so that’s good.

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