Clive Barker Will Pay You $300,000 For Your Indie Movie

There’s No Catch To It Really

Clive Barker is no stranger to horror. So, the writer/director of Candyman and Hellraiser has announced that he will pay $300,000 for the best pitch. Barker is working with project greenlight for creative minds to bring their vision to life.

Starting February 13th, folks can head on over to to upload a three minute pitch. On March 17th, ten semi finalists will be picked where both the public and a panel of judges will pick five finalists. Finalists get funding to create a short to show off their ideas to the world. The five will then go to Shudder Labs to get guidance from professionals where then of course the winner is picked!

Head on over to to get more info. Who knows, maybe you can be the next king of horror!

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