Christian Bale Set To Be The Villain In “Thor: Love and Thunder”

The rumors are true! Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) will be joining the Marvel cinematic universe for the next Thor film. Although, he will not be a hero like he was in Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, instead he will be the central antagonist of the film, and become the villain.

ET Online spoke with star Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, about the next Thor film and Thompson had this to say,
Christian Bale is going to play our villain, which is going to be fantastic. I’ve read the script. I can’t tell you much. Lots of exciting text messages exchanged between Natalie and I. We’re going to have fun. Taika is writing [and] directing. Some familiar faces. Some new people coming into the mix.

Although Thompson wasn’t allowed to state which character Bale will be playing, she did give some insight on what her character will be doing throughout the film.

As of right now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Valkyrie is king of the Asgardians, a state reinforced by Tessa Thompson. “She’s king,” Tessa stated, “if she can’t find her queen, she’ll just be king and queen at the same time.”

Based off the comics, their are plenty of characters that Bale could play. Thor has a variety of mythological villains, and some created just for the comics, so it is fair to say that there will be theories and rumors as to who Bale will be playing. But let us know who you think Bale will be portraying by leaving a comment down below or on our Facebook/Twitter.

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