Check Out Brittany Howard’s Little Known Side Project “Thunderbitch”

Rock And Roll Is Alive And Well

With an unforgettable band name like Thunderbitch, Brittany Howard (lead singer/songwriter/guitarist of the Alabama Shakes) carried on the swamped out rock and roll statement she made when the Alabama Shakes released their debut album Boys&Girls. However, her little known self titled LP Thunderbitch is a bit different…

Right off the bat with the first song “Leather Jacket“, Howard (or in this case Thunderbitch) spews out old time rock and roll and really sets the scene for what is about to come. The whole album sounds like a fringed out rebellious motorcycle ride down a deserted sand ridden highway. Howard ends up mixing the best of punk rock, surf rock, swamp rock, and old fashioned rock and roll with songs like “Wild Child“, “I Don’t Care“, and “Very Best Friend” encompassing that nostalgic and underground feeling.

Thunderbitch does more than pay homage to the sounds of the past though. Howard, like with the Alabama Shakes, ends up making it her own and molding those landmark sounds so that it unmistakably sounds like Brittany Howard. The song “Heavenly Feeling” is filled with Howard‘s trademark howls and grooves to make it an unforgettable ending to an album filled with one minute songs that blast the listener into a distorted submission and leave them begging for more.

Although Thunderbitch was released in 2015, not too much is known about the album. Their band bio simply states “Thunderbitch. Rock ‘n’ Roll. The end.” and their tour schedule saying “Maybe someday….?” with only one one show providing evidence that this group even existed.The show however has Brittany Howard embodying her new persona as Thunderbitch by painting her face and hands white while wearing a black leather jacket and a straightened hair akin to Velma Kelly.

Who knows what the future holds for Thunderbitch, but maybe someday the rock and roll gods will bless everyone with more unforgettable shows and unbelievably rockin’ records!