Book Cover for Mime Very Own Book by Doug Jones

What’s Doug Jones up to now?

Fresh off a wonderful weekend visiting fans at the Puerto Rico Comic Con, Doug Jones  (Abe Sapien from Hellboy, Silver Surfer from The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, too name a few) took a moment to share with Shallow Graves all the awesome stuff he has coming up in the months ahead.

CYRUS: Mind Of A Serial Killer, where Doug portrays a psychiatrist named Dr. Albert in this grizzly tale based on a true story. ( DVD to be released either June 14 or 21? Stay tuned for more information on date.)

The multi French Academy award-winning GAINSBOURG, (USA release August 31, 2011).  Doug plays the cartoonish alter-ego of Serge Gainsbourg named La Gueule in this award winning bio picture.

Watch for Doug in two fun Web Series collaborations with geek queen Felicia DayDRAGON AGE: REDEMPTION (based on the game Dragon Age II) starting July 2011, as well as Season 5 of THE GUILD starting in September 2011.

Cover for Mime Very Own Book by Doug Jones

MIME VERY OWN BOOK a coffee table photo book of Doug Jones returning to his roots as a Mime with amazing photography and a sarcastic sense of humor toward classic and pop culture. Coming to bookstores December 2011.

You can also check out more exciting news on Doug, as well as upcoming appearances on his official website.

Thank you for sharing with us Doug and, as always, much love!

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