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Justice League Official Trailer Review


Property of DC Comics

DC has not been doing well with the critics as of late.  Where they great in their shows and comics, they lack on the big screen. Hopefully this movie will change it around.  Ben Affleck, the great director and mediocre actor, will not be directing this movie sadly and Zack Snyder will.  Yet I think that’s a bit of a let down seeing how great “Man of Steel” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” were. Which is not too great.
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Why A Zombie Threat Isn’t Such A Terrifying Thing

Zombie Movies Make NO SENSE!!!

Property of AMC

If you fear a zombie you shouldn’t, well I guess you should, but don’t be to worried. A zombie infection is a high possibility.  We already have diseases like rabies and others that cause people to display zombie like traits. Although we don’t have any diseases or infections that turn people into actual zombies, a zombie apocalypse is arguably the most realistic turn of events. With our technology not being nearly advanced to fear the rise of the machines, and laws placed to prevent a nuclear apocalypse, a zombie apocalypse is the most reasonable way for the end of the world.

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Christian Kane, Rob Prior…And The Evil Dead???



This past weekend at Wizard World Chicago, we saw many amazing sites…Cosplayers, Artists, Celebrity Guests, and SO Much More!!!

As we were walking in the main lobby something caught our eyes and we couldn’t help but stop as we watched the very talented Rob Prior creating one of his masterpieces (Bela Lagosi) to music. Talk about talent!!! Can’t help but mention the bonus of the one and only Christian Kane (Leverage/Librarians), who happens to be an amazing singer, called up on the stage by Rob to join him in painting. Please enjoy the video and slideshow below of Rob and Christian and then onto Part Dieux..The Evil Dead House!!!

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Guardians Gets New Domestic Trailer Released!!!


Guardians of the Galaxy 2017

A trailer has been making the rounds of the internet showing that America isn’t the only one that can play the superhero game. The trailer is for a Russian film called Guardians (also titled Zaschitniki) and is basically Russia’s call to the Marvel and DC movies like the Avengers and the upcoming Justice League. Here’s the trailer below…

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Found Footage 3D Review…A Reinvention Of Horror

What you can expect to find when watching Found Footage 3D…

found footage 3d

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to view an indie film titled “Found Footage 3D”. As most indie films go, appealing to a large audience may pose a challenge without a big name studio and well known actors backing this type of genre of movie. When it comes to Found Footage 3D, however, finding a target audience should be a walk in the park (hopefully not alone). It seems that coming up with a good idea for a horror film that is original and easy to grasp is much harder these days as everything feels overdone and repetitive. With that in mind, I went into this with no criteria other than it was an indie horror film, and was unaware of what to expect.

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