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Filming On Netflix’s “The Witcher” Has Nearly Wrapped Up Filming

Seemingly, Netflix’s has just about wrapped up on all they need to do while filming their new big drama series. “The Witcher” is said to be Netflix’s new biggest show, that may potentially take on the title that “Game of Thrones” holds right now, due to the series coming to an end. Set to release sometime in the fall, this show is ready to bring the work of Andrzej Sapkowski right off the page.

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Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok Leaked!

With rumors flying all over on what the next title in the Assassin’s Creed series will be, we finally get an answer. After some leaked images on 4chan of some off screen screenshots, we now know that the Assassin Order will be taking its agenda up north. Codenamed “Assassin’s Creed Kingdom”, but actually named “Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok“, the game takes place in the Viking Age!

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After Fan Outcry, Sonic Will Be “Fixed” #gottafixfast

After the release of the three minute “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie, fans freaked out do to the horrible cgi version of the titular hero. With such backlash from the fan base, VFX artist Jeff Fowler pledged in a tweet that everyone at Paramount and Sega will be working to fix this monstrosity.

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The Problem With Nostalgia

The most common marketing tool, your fond memories are being sold back to you in shinier new forms that are in no way close to the original. Companies are praying off your childhood and you pay them money for it, whether it’s is good or not, just look at the “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie. A common tactic deployed by marketing agencies and businesses that provide entertainment, is nostalgia. Selling you something you already know is something that companies have been doing for ages, now this doesn’t sound to bad right? Wrong. It is the worst thing for the entertainment market, which is a very broad market.

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“Blacksad: Under the Skin” Cinematic Trailer… The Successor To Telltale Games?

Based off the comic book series, by Dargaud, of the same name, “Blacksad: Under the Skin” is set in a noir 1950’s era New York City. A dark and gritty story of anthripomorphic characters and a crime ridden world, the trailer for this game really seems to follow the same formula as the games produced by Telltale.

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The Avengers 5 Greatest Villains

There is often a saying that surrounds anything that has heroes, “A hero is only as good as its villains” and to be honest without a good villain what is a hero? Today we will be going over the Avengers greatest villains. These villains are often the ones who create the biggest threats for the migthy superhero team and are known to cause near world ending events.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Review: The King Of Fighting Games

The newest installment of the long time series “Mortal Kombat“, was an amazing action fighting adventure full of suspense and gore. With new bloody fatalities that are better than ever, the game has so much going for it while also having some things that prevented it from getting that full 10 stars. While I am reviewing it, I will not spoil any of the story and will allow you to experience that yourself. This review is entirely gameplay and mechanic based, so enjoy and form your own opinions.

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Where’s All The Hype For Borderlands 3???

With no official release date set yet, Gearbox had finally released the trailer for their new game and the next installment in a famous franchise… “Borderlands 3“! Yet, it seems that the “Borderlands” name may have out lived it’s hype. With an amazing trailer full of awesome scenery and what seems to be a new expansive world, how could it not be exciting, or is the series now fatigued?

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