Can Cartoon Network Be Saved?


cn_logo_blackWith Cartoon Network ending its now run of iconic shows such as Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Amazing World Of Gumball, one has to wonder…what will happen now?

It’s not like Cartoon Network has never gone through this change before. When shows like Teen Titans, Dexters Laboratory, and Cow and Chicken ended their run, the network for cartoons went through a little bit of an odd period with shows being cancelled as soon as they aired, so of course it was exciting when they brought in shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe that brought in a whole audience of old and new. Sadly though, all of that is coming to an end. BUT (and it’s a big one) there may be a light at the end of the tunnel and no it’s not a train! Cartoon Network recently released 2 “minisodes” that are quite obviously pilots for potential series!

the first I’ll talk about is Infinity Train. The 8 minute episode starts with Tulip and her split personality robot on a train that literally goes on for infinity (hence the name). From what we can gather as an audience, each train has either a challenge or a puzzle that needs to be solved to get to the next train car. Simple right? Not really. Tulip has a mysterious glowing number on her hand that she can’t seem to get rid of and doesn’t know where it came from, but the robotic monster seems to bring her a step closer into getting home! Take a look at the pilot below, you will not regret it!

Next up is the second short is Victor and Valentino. This one surprises me a bit due to how much Mexican influence is in this one short. All the colors and culture is beyond vibrant. Plus, it shows how awesome tacos are! When the two half brothers Victor and Valentino follow a skeleton dog into a glowing lake, they find themselves in the land of the dead having to find their way through a maze just to get back home. I’m trying to not give to much away because this one shows simplicity can be key. It also leaves on a cliffhanger begging to see what is next.

Hopefully Cartoon Network sees as much potential in these two episodes like we all did and if you want to try to move things along, there is already a petition to get Infinity Train  to become a show. Fingers crossed!