“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” Is Under Fire From Some Fans

One of the most controversial games in a long time, the new Modern Warfare game keeps coming out with so many horrific moments that it makes you wonder if fans are even going to buy the thing. A soft reboot of the beloved series, Infinity Ward and Activision are trying their hardest to make the game as realistic as humanly possible.

With the grim controversary of child soldiers being in the game, the ability to shoot civilians and a new real life controversial weapon, fans are starting to think that maybe this game is going a bit to far with the realism. Problem is, we won’t know if it’s trying to hard until we get our hands on a copy. With fans calling the new game “too edgy”, Activision and Infinity Ward have somewhat dug themselves into a hole with this one.

And if you’re asking “what is this real life controversial weapon”, well then you are in luck because I have an answer for you. The new weapon introduced into the game is white phosphorous. Now for you who don’t know what that is, then it probably sounds like some chemistry mumbo jumbo that couldn’t be harmful, but for those who have played “Spec Ops: The Line” or even witnessed it in real life, know that this stuff is horrific in use. White phosphorus is a chemical compound that is mostly used in artillery rounds that causes intense burns at around 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,760 C).

Now the use of this item has drawn criticism to the game, which in turn has led to the developers addressing these criticisms. The developer defended the use of this weapon by specifying that it would be in the multiplayer, viewing the multiplayer more as a somewhat playground compared to the war zone that is single player. He also stated that there will not be any specific burn animations to the use of the weapon and that perhaps some people are getting upset about it because of the intense graphics that make it more real looking. This weapon has garnered more criticism and backlash than previous events and weapons used in the series, more namely the mission No Russian and nuclear weapons.

The choice to use a weapon that human rights activists and organizations have been trying to get rid of from the military is a bold one, especially since it is also a war crime to deploy it in civilian areas. So you can see why using a weapon that is so controversial and horrific when deployed, and then used as a multiplayer kill-streak, could be seen as controversial.

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