C2E2: ‘A Weekend Of Explosive Entertainment, Artistry & Cosplay’

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2015

C2E2 2015 Chicago
Photography: Nick Kelley

Hello Everybody!! This past weekend Shallow Graves Media and Ontourage Magazine had the distinct pleasure of covering Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (aka C2E2) , and we can personally say, there was a ‘little something for everybody‘ with amazing artists, intriguing panels, enthusiastic entertainment guests, and a incredible prescreeniong of FOX’s new show “Wayward Pines” (starring Matt Dillon) premiering May 14th (Talk about must see TV).

Lego Boba Fett C2E2 Chicago 2015
Photography by: Nick Kelley

Upon arrival we were immediately sucked into the amazing world of Cosplay, from wonderfully detailed Green Arrows and Deathstrokes to a life sized Lego Boba Fett, we even witnessed a few lightsaber fights on the red carpet. However, the sight seeing had to be paused for a short period of time as we prepared for our first interview of the weekend featuring Timothy Omundson, Mark Gagliardi, and Hal Lublin of the ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour!  After an incredible and thrilling interview (pun intended), our adventure of the convention center continued. May I take a moment to mention upon meeting Timothy Omundson, I was about to tell him what an amazing beard he had but he beat me to the punch, by shaking my hand and saying, “Nice beard!” Yep, this convention was off to a great start!!!

Timothy Omundson, Hal Lublin, and Mark Gagliardi fron The Thrilling Adventure Hour at C2E2 2015 Chicago
Photography by: Nick Kelley

As we made our way into the vendor area which showed a little difficulty due to the lack of signage, we enjoyed both talking to and taking pictures of Cosplayers along the way. Once in the vendor room we scoped out loads of comic books, collectibles, apparel, and thingamabobs, there was so much to see and buy, that one could not leave the vendor area empty handed. We certainly didn’t! Before day 1 came to a close we took the time to say hi the entertainment guests we interviewed over the years even caught up with a few friends who were attending.

Day 2 of the convention being Saturday was a bit more crowded, which was a nice trade off though showing Cosplayers at their finest. Day 2 was also the day the Shallow Graves Entourage set forth to conquer the virtual haunted attraction which was perfectly titled Insidious Chapter 3: Into the further 4-D Experience! DAH DAH DUUUMMMMM!!!! Our journalist Jacob Kelley and Editor in Chief Yvette D’Agostino, both faced lifelike ghosts that day and were more than white upon exiting the trailer.

INSIDIOUS Chaper 3 Into the further 4d expereince C2E2 2015 Chicago
Photography by: Nick Kelley

After the horrors of Insidious Chapter 3, we went on our merry way to the Allegro Hotel for a nice evening and interview with the incomparable Sebastian Roche. Being one of the nicest people we have met, he gave insightful words into his acting methods, characters, and how he came to be an actor.

"The Originals" Sebastian Roche c2e2 2015 chicago
Photography by: Nick Kelley

Day 3 was the most relaxing and the atmosphere itself showed it. Everyone was getting their one last hurrah before parting ways. SGM’s Jacob Kelley had his last hurrah with the one and only Sean Astin for our Celebrity Spotlight piece, in which Mr. Astin was more than happy to answer his question.

sean astin with Shallow Graves Magazines jake kelley and hunter kelley at C2E2 2015 Chicago
Photo by: C2E2

All in all it was a great convention and we look forward to covering C2E2 2016. Hopefully one of you readers were lucky enough to take the journey with us. Hope to hear from you again my little ones!!