C2E2 2017: Gender Identity: Understanding Through Art Q&A

How Can Comics Help Find Ones Identity?

C2E2 2017 had a lot to offer when it came to panels. Not only were there celebrity and uthor events happening throughout the day, there were also panels that talked about issues that are happening in the world today and how comics, film, and social media play an important role.

Shallow Graves Magazine sat down for the Gender Identity: Understanding Through Art panel/Q&A to see what comics and graphic novels have to offer for LGBTQ people and how they can push peoples understanding into a more positive direction. Moderator Izabel brought forth some interesting and insightful topics while the panel made up of Caitlin, Katie, Balil, and Jeff talked about their views on how comics can shape societies viewpoints and how they can help people find their own identity. It was also helpful to find the many titles that are LGBTQ friendly and talk about issues in a more comfortable and less stereotypical manner. Check out the video below for more info on the graphic novel titles that they recommend and enjoy the open conversation.