C2E2 2017: An Entertainingly Good Time Was Had By ALL!!!

What Went Down?!

Jake and Hunter taking a moment to relax

Shallow Graves Magazine covered multiple panels at this years C2E2, but here’s a few things you might not have seen…

While we caught up with author Christina L. Barr and writer Kyle Gnepper, we also witnessed a dance off between R2 and R5, giant Ninjago Lego‘s and a Wonder Woman built out of Lego‘s, Storm Trooper Squads, and life size models of Iron Man and Uruk-hai. Shallow Graves journalist Jake was also lucky enough to meet wrestling superstars Rey Mysterio, Johnny Mundo, and Vampiro while Hunter met his hero the Iron Giant. Take a look at the pics below to see some of the special moments that came from C2E2 2017!

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