Bringing Together Puppetry and Horror, ‘We R Animals’ Is Truly Out Of The Ordinary

Look Out World!!

Swedish writer and director Thobias Hoffmén plans to bring his passion to the masses with his project We R Animals. Mixing “humor with action, crime with fantasy and the movies we grew up loving with the movies of today“, Hoffmén sets to give film fanatics a one of a kind experience!

We R Animals is a film project that I have, on and off, lived with for about eight years now. It all started with the idea of doing short films in the same style as Tom & Jerry or Itchy & Scratchy, but it developed over time and eventually ended up being a complete world with a lot of cool characters and stories.”

In 2010 I ended up selling it to a big production company. However since I kept on wanting to do this as an r-rated film with animatronic puppets it was really hard to convince regular film financiers to invest in the project…but in 2015 I got the rights back and I then took my own money and shot the pitch you can see at the top of this page, and thanks to that one I managed to get a small amount of money to create the conceptual teaser-trailer.”

You can check out the trailer below and don’t forget to support Hoffmén and We R Animals on his Kickstarter page! Cannot wait for this release!!

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