Brandon Routh Will Be Playing Superman Once Again!

You read that title correct, Brandon Routh is dawning the cape and tights once again. The actor who played the world’s most famous superhero back in 2006 in “Superman Returns” is now returning to the role, ironically.

We will see Brandon Routh suit up in the fall during the CW‘s Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, based off the comic event of the same name, being one of the first major comic crossover events ever.

The specifics of this Superman are yet to be seen. It is not known if this Superman is the future version of the existing Superman played by Tyler Hoechlin or if he may be a different Superman from a different universe. Or if we are lucky enough perhaps even the actual Superman from “Superman Returns”, one can only hope.

Routh has expressed his excitement for returning to the role. Routh has also expressed that this Superman is in no way connected to his already exitsting character within the Arrowverse, Ray Palmer aka The Atom, so don’t expect Ray Palmer just randomly suiting up as Superman.

Hopefully this event will be as big as they are making it out to be and will be good way to end off the “Arrow” series. But after all this, the one thing I am hoping for… is the return of Tom Welling. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see.

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