Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman Is Upset With MCU’s Diversity???

Chadwick Boseman is very unhappy with the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, and it is completely over his position within it. Two years ago we got our first full on “Black Panther” film ,with the introduction of the amazingly cool character only two years prior, now it seems we will only be seeing this character a couple more times…

It is reported that the reason Chadwick Boseman is so upset is because Marvel is looking to give the Black Panther title and name to his in universe sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright). Which is an amazing story-line in the comics, but that would mean that T’Challa (Boseman) would no longer be the Black Panther.

This is upsetting in many ways, one we barely have gotten to see what this character can do, only having one full on film and being relegated to side parts in 3 other ones (those being the last two Avengers films and Civil War). And the second reason for this is because “Black Panther” is the highest rated MCU film of all time, both by fan and critic scores.

Boseman has even stated himself that “he is not ready to walk away from the franchise just yet”.

Could this be the start of some problems for the MCU and Kevin Fiege? As it is also being said that Doctor Strange 2 is having some problems regarding Scarlet Witch being the main villain rather than the previously thought horror character, Nightmare. Things seemed to go an opposite way as Kevin Fiege thought Scarlet Witch has a more important plot-line and said she needed to be more involved in the film to the point former director of the film, Scott Derrickson, yelled over the phone at Fiege, “Then why don’t you just call the film Scarlet Witch then!”

What do you think of all the changes to the MCU? Do you want to see more of these underdeveloped characters before Marvel commits to changing them? Let us know by leaving a comment down below or get in contact with use via Facebook or Twitter.

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