Bill Nye Going To Trial Against Disney

Bill Nye, known for the hit 90’s learning program “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is ready to take on the behemoth known as Disney. He is now allowed to take limited claims against the Walt Disney Company to trial. And with a trial set up and scheduled for May of 2020, Bill Nye is ready to take action. But for what?

Nye estimates and suspects that Disney has apparently shortchanged him worth $28 million worth in damages from his 1990’s TV show.

He claims that Disney has a “long and consistent pattern of under-reporting revenue and improperly applying deductions.

Disney claims that Nye has had suspicions from early on yet has waited too long to object to their rulings, to which Nye responded by saying that the quarterly profit statements that he recieved lacked detail and that he was unable to decipher whether these statements were fully true.

Nye is also claiming that Disney had induced him to spend time and money on a audit under the guise that he would be given access to necessary records capable of clearing this mess up.

At this time, a 10 day trial is estimated. Although, this could be justified if need be.

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