‘Beyond Badass’ Exclusive: Chad Lindberg Talks Movies, Ghosts, And…Jewelry???


Chad Lindberg of the supernatural, paranormal, and dr. badass

Chad Lindberg is a hard man to keep up with, so you can imagine what it was like when Shallow Graves Magazines own Yvette D’Agostino finally had a chance to sit down for a chat with Dr. Badass himself, we learned there was nothing off limits…

Yvette: It is so good to finally catch up with you Chad.

Chad: You too. It has been too long.

Yvette: Way too long! So, start by telling me about this past weekend and the paranormal investigation at The Pedro Woolley Museum in Skagit Valley, WA.

Chad: It was crazy, we were sold out all weekend and an encore investigation was added on Sunday due to the large volume of attendance. It was called the “Spirits of Christmas Past”, all proceeds went to help benefit the Museum.

Yvette: Awesome! Were there any newbies or non-believers in the crowd?

Chad: A lot of people who showed up had never done this before and to watch all their faces light up when they heard something…was amazing. I personally, tend to get very involved, I don’t like to just stand around,and in turn I get the people more involved as well. I tell them if you are holding back, that is going to make my job more difficult to make contact with the spirits. The more energy you put towards them, the more love, the more intentions you put towards the spirits, you get that in return.

Chad Lindberg "Spirit Of Christmas Past" at the sedro wooley museum
Chad Lindberg doing a ghost tour “Spirit Of Christmas Past” at the Sedro Wooley Museum

Yvette: Would you consider yourself an Empath?

Chad: Yes. It took me a long time to understand exactly what that means. There were a few people when I was doing “Ghost Stalkers” that would tell me that time and again, and I studied up on it, so yes I would definitely say that I am an Empath which is why I am an actor as well…it helps me pickup on other peoples energies and emotions.

The same goes with the spirit world, I feel I am able to connect with it right away. I don’t know why that is…but it is.

Chad Lindberg at Gettysburg
Chad taking a moment at Gettysburg

Yvette: Being an Empath, it is not an easy gift to have, you take on everyone’s emotions. You are a human dumpster and you have to figure out how to deal with that. You have to find a way to ground yourself.

Chad: True, it is very difficult. You have to find a balance on a daily basis. Some days are easier then others.

Yvette: Is there any point in the future, where we might see you doing another paranormal show?

Chad: I would like that and I get that question all the time. There are a few ideas I am working on. I find there is no one like me…I am pretty whacky and high energy and I don’t hold back on what I say or am feeling, so if the time were right I would definitely go for it. I know what is out there, the crazy things people often discount. They are too busy thinking life is normal…but for those of us who have experienced the supernatural it changes you. Your world is never the same ya know.

Yvette: Having a brother who is a paranormal investigator, I know exactly what you are saying. When is your next investigation?

Chad: Going into 2017, the weekend of February 3rd, we will be investigating The Queen Mary on the Nick Groff Tour.

Chad Lindberg, Nick Groff on the queen mary

February 8th: I will be investigating the very haunted   “Bonnie Springs Ranch” for the Creation’s Supernatural #VegasCon.

In March we will be investigating the Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

Yvette: I have always wanted to go there. Can I come with you. I will cover it…be your P.A….Been there…Done this with you before.

Chad: (Laughing)…For sure…Like old times.

Yvette: So excited for you and jealous. Now…switching gears…Tell me about your jewelry line.

Chad: Of course. It is called Beyond Badass Paranormal.  We, as in (Brandi, my mom, and myself), started by making pieces for ourselves. We love stones, their energies and properties, plus my mom has experience in jewelry making as well as Brandi and we just kinda collectively started making necklaces and bracelets. Through that, came the business, which I decided to call Beyond Badass Paranormal. Both Beyond and Paranormal signify spirits and the other side and of course Badass being Dr. Badass from SupernaturalWe have alot of customers who have stated once they put a piece on, they can’t take it off. I personally feel naked if I don’t have one of my pieces on. It is definitely unique one of a kind handcrafted jewelry.

Yvette: The pieces are gorgeous and you can tell a lot of light and love go into them.

Chad: Thank you. That is definitely what we are going for with each piece. We also offer novelty pieces…Sam and Dean from Supernatural, Walking Dead, Star Wars, plus more. We are constantly updating and adding more pieces.


Posted by Chad Lindberg on Thursday, December 8, 2016


Yvette: Lastly, tell me about your upcoming movie “Security”.

Chad: “Security” was a great time. I play the lead character Mason, who is a security guard protecting a woman, who is a trial witness being targeted by a biker gang. It also stars Ben Kingsley and Antonio Banderas. Right now, we have a release date of 2017.

Yvette: You have so much going on. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us here at Shallow Graves. I look forward to seeing you soon. Merry Christmas!

Chad: You too Yvette! As always a pleasure. See you soon. Merry Christmas!

Chad Lindberg and Yvette D'Agostino sightseeing in Boston, MA
Chad Lindberg and Yvette D’Agostino sightseeing in Boston, MA