Beyonce and Donald Glover Sing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” In The New Lion King

A new TV Spot has been floating around the internet as of late, and it involves Disney‘s new “live action” version of the “The Lion King“. The spot features the amazing duet between Nala and Simba, who are played by the astonishing Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Donald Glover, and wow is it amazing.

Two of the most talented artists out there, the man behind Childish Gambino and the Queen Bee star in this remake of one of Disney’s most beloved classics. The two lead stars crush their duet together and have made the internet want more, wishing they could hear every song from the new film before its release date on July 19th.

Disney and director Jon Favreau are set to produce an amazing remake of one of Disney’s greatest films ever. And they really hit the jack pot on getting these two to play the leads, hopefully the film will be as good as this clip all the way through.

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