Bane Just Killed A Major Batman Character

Bane is back on top baby! Yet, he has to break our hearts to get there. It seems as though everyone talks about comic book movies or television shows, forgetting about the original set pieces for these stories, the comics themselves. And I can assure you that Batman is having the worst time of his life in these comics, worse than anything a movie or TV show could put him through.


Tom King’s run with the cape crusader is still going strong, after the “wedding” issue. After Bruce and Selina decided to elope, everything has gone downhill for the bat-family and Gotham is in utter chaos, especially since there is no Batman in Gotham (technically).

There is a Batman in Gotham, yet not the one we are used to. Thomas Wayne from the Flash-Point universe is in Gotham and he is helping Bane take control of the city, similar to “The Dark Knight Rises“, yet way cooler. Ever since Bane was introduced he has been Batman’s most formidable opponent. Stronger than the Bat and just as smart, Bane has never gotten a fair treatment since “Batman: Knightfall“, where he broke Batman’s back. But he has done something much worse in this issue.

With the criminals running the city and Bane and Thomas Wayne on top, they have struck a deal with authorities outside the city to not let anyone in or out of Gotham. Of course you would think that this “deal” wouldn’t stop the Bat-family, but Bane has a trump card. With no Batman in the city, Bane has taken Alfred captive and is using him as a hostage, if any members of the exiled Bat-family try to enter, Alfred will be killed. This of course keeps Nightwing, Batwoman, and every other member out… except for Robin.

The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, Damien Wayne sneaks his way into the city while also dispatching some villains along the way. After defeating the deranged Gotham Girl, Damian takes on his “grandfather” Thomas. Thomas delivers the butt whooping of a life-time on Damian. The next part is the worse one. With Damian incapacitated in Wayne Manor and Alfred being held prisoner, of course the Bat-family would attempt a rescue, well Bane and Thomas knew this. Exchanging one new prisoner for the old. With little Damian watching….

Image result for bane kills alfred

Bane snaps Alfred’s neck!

The worst part about this entire scene, is that the mentor, best friend, and father figure to Bruce Wayne has just died… and Bruce doesn’t even know it. Now of course, this is the world of comic books and no one ever stays dead, but this still pulls on the heart strings. This is one of those comic book panels you can actually feel as well as hear. To think, one of Batman’s greatest characters is dead. A man who has kept Bruce Wayne sane for years is gone, and Damian is going to put the guilt on himself. It is just heartbreaking. I mean I love Bane, he is one of my favorite villains, but for this to get him back on top. It breaks my heart.

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