Artist Shawn Coss Illustrates The Dark Side Of Mental Illness

The Pain Within Us All…

Artist Shawn Coss is an artist that brings originality and reality to the more twisted things and life. Whether it’s working on Cyanide and Happiness or writing and illustrating his new book Kindergarten, Coss keeps in close touch with the fears that we all face within our lifetime. So, it should be of no surprise then that his illustrations on mental illness cut straight to the bone.

Previously posted on Bored Panda as part of Inktober (the time of year where artists make a drawing for ever day of the month) decided to tackle mental disorders. Shawn‘s simplistic illustrations bring the darker emotion felt with a lot of these mental disorders to where anyone can relate to the loneliness and isolation that many people who suffer from these illnesses feel during even the happiest of moments. Enjoy some of the grim illustrations below and who knows, you might find out something new!


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