“Arrow” Star Stephen Amell, Out Of Work?

Now that the CW show “Arrow” is coming to its final 10 episode eight season, people are curious what the man who plays Oliver Queen will be doing next. Not to long back, Stephen hinted at a new project he was working on that he was very excited about, it involves something he has been decently passionate about for a while now. It involves… wrestling!

A new show is coming to Starz, named “Heels“, with Stephen Amell as the lead. Amell has had some experience with the wrestling business being good friends with Cody Rhodes, one of the men heading AEW, and has even wrestled in a couple of decent matches with some amazing wrestlers, such as Christopher Daniels. The show will be written by Michael Waldron and Mike O’Malley as the showrunner.

The show “Heels” is about the people of small town wrestling. Set in Georgia, it follows the story of two brothers fighting over their late father’s wrestling promotion. One brother must become the hero/face, while the other Jack Spade (played by Stephen Amell) must become the villain/heel. But in the ring, characters are characters, and they struggle to bring those characters to life in the real world, while also not being able to let them go. Both brothers are vying for national attention, while warring with each other in the ring.

Stephen Amell plays the character Jack Spade who will do anything to turn the DWA (Duffey Wrestling Association) into an empire, even if it risks his marriage, his mental state, and even his brother.

Stephen even sent out a tweet to his friend Cody Rhodes, mere seconds after the news of the show came out, saying this:

So Stephen definitely has his work cut out for him. Running the show as well as being in the show, this new Starz series is getting an eight episode first season.

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