Ant-Man Will Not Be Getting Another Film

Recent rumors surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe are saying that “Ant-Man 3” has been cancelled. Some evidence that points this out is that Paul Rudd‘s newest superhero extravaganza was not mentioned or in any presented at this years D23 expo.

Instead of giving us a new movie detailing the heroic adventures of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Disney and Marvel are instead thinking about placing these heroes on their new streaming service, Disney+. There on Disney+ this super-hero couple will have the opportunity to have their very own mini-series.

The reason for this cancellation and demotion is somewhat an insulting one for a character that has starred in 3 of the MCU’s films. The reason is that Disney and Marvel want to explore their new found properties more, they recently just gained a catalog of new heroes and villains from their purchase of Fox and they want to expand upon those rather than expanding upon the characters they already have. This will make it much harder for smaller Marvel characters to get a chance to shine.

Marvel now has bigger and better franchise options such as the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, so that cuts down the chances for heroes like Ant-Man to continue in the MCU on the big screen. Disney and Marvel also need to make room for more diverse heroes such as the new “Shang-Chi” film and the new reboot of “Blade“, which both sound like interesting and refreshing installments into the MCU.

But tell us your thoughts. Do you think it is unfair for Ant-Man to be moved to Disney+ instead of getting another film? Or do you think that Disney’s new plans to make room for much more established properties is the right decision? Let us know.

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