REVIEW: Grimm’s “One Angry Fuchsbau” (2×17), by Anne W. Brennan

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Quick sidenote: working for lawyers as I do, I gleefully enjoyed the Ziegevolk lawyer being so glib and (considering his toad sweat) literally rather slimy.  Is a stereotype a stereotype if it’s true?  I simply nodded and pointed at the TV, muttering, “That looks familiar.”


I’m going to admit right now that this was a light episode.  We had the baddie Wesen du Jour – the underhanded lawyer Ziegevolk, Barry Kellogg, and his Wonder Toads of Persuasion – defending another Wesen who killed his Wesen wife and convincing the jury with his toad pheromones that the Defendant is innocent.  Juliette starts regaining her memory after visiting the trailer with Monroe.  The memories start coming in a huge rush that results in her seeing Nick everywhere and many Nicks at the same time, pushing her into a trembling mess.  Rosalie, Nick and the rest of the Wesen-Human Scooby Gang put together an antidote for Kellogg’s Wonder Toads of Persuasion, which helps reset the jury and brings a verdict of guilty for Kellogg’s client.  The episode ends with Adelind Schade meeting Captain Renard’s half-brother Eric, in Europe.  Eric advises that he will be visiting his brother, Sean, and notes that Adelind seems to have a “glow” about her.  As we know from last episode, Adelind is pregnant, either with Eric’s or Sean’s child.  She has not admitted to either, however, that she is pregnant by either one of them.

The End.

Like I said, a light episode, but it had its moments of humor.  Monroe’s little toad-capade to inject a toad with the serum and then losing said toad and having to recapture it while Nick and Griffin “interrogated” Kellogg bordered on slapstick.  Fortunately, they didn’t draw that out too long and the job was (hopefully) accomplished.  (Two toads, one serum – only time would tell if Monroe injected the correct toad upon which Kellogg would munch for his powers of persuasion.)

Rosalie got some fine character time, which, again, was nice to see – our sweet Fuchsbau got pissed that someone was screwing with her integrity and she did something about it.  With the exception of poor Juliette, the women in Grimm seem to do fairly well – Kelly Burkhardt, Nick’s mother, is a kick-ass maternal ninja; Adalind is a conniving, strong femme fatale, even if she is de-Hexenbiested; and Rosalie is a smart, capable women with her own business.

Poor Juliette – they better fix that situation fast, or I’m going to completely not care about her anymore.  The Monroe/Rosalie romance is more interesting than the Nick/Juliette “romance” and that’s a shame.  If Juliette can get her memory back and wrap her head around Nick being a Grimm, I think she’d be an excellent addition to Nick’s every-growing Scooby Gang.  They could use a vet/medic on the team.  (And Nick’s sad, pining puppy eyes are just getting painful to see.)

And that, if there was a point to this episode, is the point – Nick, once again, is not just pursuing Wesen to kill them, but to bring a sort of justice, and through his integrity, he’s starting to gather a group of humans and Wesen who will help him continue his work.  The almost “The Sting”-like play of Griffin, Nick, Monroe, Rosalie, and Bud Wurstner the Eisbiber (beaver) to get Kellog’s sweat was nicely executed, and everyone had their character moment – Monroe complaining about possibly pulling a muscle after chasing Kellogg, Bud babbling too much like usual, Rosalie unflinchingly taking the sweaty handkerchief and sticking it the steeping compound to make the toad-antidote, all made the Sting both enjoyable and comforting – they all worked well together, but they were still individual components.  That Kellogg bumbled into their celebration and was arrested was just icing on the cake.  Aww, a shady lawyer taken down by his own arrogance.  That sound you hear is me, cheering.

I certainly look forward to next week’s episode.  May we please wrap up this Juliette issue now, one way or another?  What will the meeting between the half-brothers be like, and what will be the fallout?  I like that Renard has Nick *and* Griffin to talk to, so I’m expecting them to get more involved with the Royals directly.  And will Adalind get her abilities back?

They’re still keeping me invested, so kudos to the actors and writers.  But it’s time to start wrapping some things up, as it seems other things are about to be unveiled.

Grimm - Season 2

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