“Angel Has Fallen” Release Trailer

Welcome the release of a trailer for the new installment in the “Has Fallen” series. Featuring stars like Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, and Nick Nolte, this third film in this series seems to separate it from the other two.

The trailer starts out with an innocent fishing trip with the President (Morgan Freeman) and his bodyguard, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), but of course we wouldn’t have a movie without tragedy. The President’s “angel” is then set as a national enemy, but of course he is not an enemy, no he has been set up. And he must obtain help from his distant father (Nick Nolte) if he is to clear his name.

Following a somewhat different formula than the original two, “Angel Has Fallen” seems to follow a somewhat “Red” story line. Following a national hero who has been set up and tries to reclaim his innocence and expose the true villains. A common action film story line, we see it again rehashed yet again. Set to be released on August 19th of 2019, check out the trailer below.

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