PT. 1

By: Yvette M. Kelley

In this business I have been blessed to meet an array of talent and it is a rare find to meet someone who has it all……Artist, Illustrator, Actor, Comedian, Writer, and The List Goes On. World meet Horror’s One And Only Monstermatt Patterson and he is taking the horror world by the storm and Shallow Graves Magazine was lucky enough to get a ride!


Issue 1
Issue 1



 Yvette: I love the name Monstermatt. How did you become interested in horror? 

Monstermatt:  That’s a tough one. The 1st horror movie I ever watched was a Hammer Film with Christopher Lee “Dracula”. I was about 4 or 5 at the most. My father was a musician, and would play out on the weekends and my aunt would baby sit. She let us watch horror movies. Also, in Clifton Hills, Niagra Falls they have wax museums and one of them is a House Of Frankenstein, which we visited every year and it made an impact on me. My love for horror just evolved. 

Yvette: Well, you seem to have your hands in a bit of everything. Let’s start with Wolff’s Run. 

Monstermatt: Wolff’s Run is a comic trilogy based in the prohibition era in a riverside city that sits on the Canadian and New York border where a lot of illegal transactions take place in a city that’s absolutely corrupt. 

The reason I wrote that is I grew up in a house right along the river and learned the ins and outs of the river. I also based it on stories from my grandfather who told me stories of mobsters and smuggling and there are little pieces of him in there and me as well. 

Yvette: What genre would you describe it as? 

Monstermatt: It’s a little horror/scifi. Basically if you want to boil it down take the Untouchables, Westworld, and Werewolves with a dash of Fu Man Chu. 

Yvette: Is that why you call it Wolff’s Run or it that the characters name? 

Monstermatt: It’s both actually. It is both the name of the main character Frank Wolff who works for the rumrunners in the riverside city of Wolff’s Run. You will find out the history behind Frank Wolff being a descendant of the pioneers somewhere down the road. 

Yvette: When will the 1st issue be released? 

Monstermatt: We are looking at this June. 

Order your FIRST Issue of “Wolffs Run” here:


Yvette: Tell us about your website Ha-Ha!Horror? 

Monstermatt: Ha-Ha!Horror is bi-weekly comic website I write and illustrate for. It’s an extension of the brand of my horror jokes. 


Ha-Ha!Horror cartoon- What Alfred Hitchcock film Rocks it Gangnam Style? PSY-cho!!
Ha-Ha!Horror cartoon-
What Alfred Hitchcock film Rocks it Gangnam Style?


Yvette: Come on Monstermatt, tell us a joke… 

Monstermatt: (Laughing) “Why was the wolfman mad at his HMO?” 

Yvette: Why?

Monstermatt: They wouldn’t pay for his flea dips. 

OK Monstermatt, that was horribly funny!!! For more funny jokes, you can go to: 

We learned from Monstermatt after the interview that Mystery & Horror L. L. C. will publish a collection of Ha-Ha! Horror humor!!! Congratulations!!!

We are going to leave you here for now and tomorrow… 

Stay Tuned For PT. 2…


Ha-Ha! Horror Frankenstein CONGAS the World!
Ha-Ha! Horror
Frankenstein CONGAS the World!