American Horror Story Season 6…Six Steps to Bring Us To The Big Reveal!!!


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We may be three episodes into Season 6 of American Horror Story, but many viewers still have the feeling that there is more to this year than meets the eye. We’ve seen certain patterns emerge, but several fan favorites have yet to appear, and we have a feeling that Ryan Murphy hasn’t really shown us his cards yet. And based on what the American Horror Story co-creator has said, we’re right. But recently a theory has emerged that appears to be playing out. It lines up with some of what we’ve heard, including Murphy’s own statement in which he said that the show will take a big turn in episode six. It’s not a coincidence that the turning point for Season 6 is Episode 6.

A week or two ago, Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that he sees Season 6 of American Horror Story as really being made up of two parts — Episodes 1 through 5 and Episodes 6 through 10.

“You’ll see starting in episode 6, the show has a huge turn and the thing that you think you’re watching is not what you’re watching.”


If a theory discussed by Vanity Fair is correct, the Season 6/Episode 6 correlation is significant because it means that each of the first five episodes will have some tie to each of the previous five seasons of American Horror Story. Each is a step that brings us closer to the big reveal of Episode 6. It’s a theory that works so far. Let’s take a look.

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 Parallels between the first episode of this season and American Horror Story: Murder House were many. Since then, each installment has only added to the list. In both, we have a couple who moved across the country after the wife had a miscarriage. Both bought a house that turned out to be haunted. We have murder stories involving nurses in both. We have pig references in both. We have an unfaithful husband in both. Viviene and Ben’s daughter was Violet; Lee’s daughter is Flora. Dr. Cunningham in Episode 2 mentioned Helter Skelter; Tate made a reference to it in Murder House. These are just some of the similarities. In the world of American Horror Story, that can not be a coincidence. There’s Step 1. Let’s move on to Episode 2.The second week of this year’s American Horror Story spent a lot of time on the nurses who committed murders in Shelby and Matt’s house when it was a medical facility. Remind you of Asylum? Parallels to Murder House continued as, in addition to having the nurses in common, American Horror Story: Roanoke showed us wallpaper that the couple peeled away and discovered MURDE underneath — similar to the mural discovered in Murder House. And it was written in blood, another throwback to Tate/Manson — the Manson family wrote PIG in blood on a wall following one of the murders. On to Episode 3/Step 3.

In last week’s episode of American Horror Story, we learned much more about the ghosts of the Roanoke colonists and the backstory that goes with them. If each week correlates to a previous season, and if we’re going in order, then that would mean last week’s episode should somehow be related to Coven. Well, last week we learned that Lady Gaga is some kind of forest witch, and we were introduced to a medium named Cricket, who is played by Leslie Jordan. The last time we saw Leslie Jordan on American Horror Story was — yep, Season 3, Coven. Which brings us to this week. Episode 4/Step 4, which, if the theory holds true, should be related to Freak Show.

Of course, we won’t know for sure until we watch Wednesday night’s American Horror Story, but Mr. Murphy has previously said to Entertainment Weekly that we will see Dandy Mott this season and learn about the Mott family’s history. If the pattern of this year continues, and this happens this week, then we have Step 4.

Last year was American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5. It included Lady Gaga in her amazing role as The Countess. How would that fit in to give us Step 5? Well, last week Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Matt character said that something was trying to tell them to leave, and maybe they should go stay at a hotel for a while. Maybe Shelby and Matt will flee to a hotel next week, and we’ll see Lady Gaga.

Which brings us to Episode 6 of American Horror Story: Roanoke. Our steps have taken us to the current season, so who knows what that will hold? There are many theories. And then there’s this from Cuba Gooding, Jr., as quoted by Vanity Fair.

“I’m just trying to phrase this so I can keep myself safe. Because I don’t want anybody get mad at me. Because they never give you information. When I go, ‘Who’s playing the real Matt?’ They go, ‘André’ and I go ‘from The Knick? Oh my god, I love that guy, I can’t wait to see him…’”

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Which sounds like the two will meet. What does that mean? We won’t know until the sixth episode of this year’s American Horror Story. Catch the next episode this Wednesday night on FX at 10 p.m. ET.

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