Amazon’s “The Boys” Superhero Team Receives Their Own Toy Line

The Seven. Known as the most legendary group of superheroes the world of “The Boys” has ever seen are getting their own toy line. With a retro 80’s/90’s style commercial, the heroes smash their way into children’s homes all across the world.

This faux commercial, shows several children playing with action figures based on their favorite in universe heroes. With Homelander leading the group as A-Train and Queen Maeve follow right behind, the Deep arrives with his dolphin friends (although the dolphin is not included). And who can forget their favorite heroes, the one who is never seen, Translucence, and the quiet bad boy, Black Noire.

With these figures, soon your kids will be fighting crime “Seven Style”. It is funny to see these kids playing with the toys knowing full well that their heroes are quite the opposite of how they think they are. The creators of this artificial commercial even poke at that point with the tagline “Morals sold separately.

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