Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” Will Be The One Time You Wish Superheroes Died

What an amazing show! This is one of those shows where you should get Amazon Prime if you don’t have it because of this show. With moment after moment causing my mouth to drop and go “wow, did that really just happen”, this show is amazing.

Showing a darker side to superheroes than we are often exposed to than we are often exposed to, like with the big two (Marvel and DC), “The Boys” takes you on a wild ride of vengeance, pain, and “heroism”. It shows you what superheroes would be like if they were corporate drones rather than do-gooders out to make the world a better place.

Focusing around the legendary superhero group known as “the seven”, which is an obvious rip off of the Justice League, having all the same archetypes of the heroes they are known for, the show really kicks off when you see sexual harassment within the superhero work place. One of, if not, the first scenes to absolutely blow me away and make me go “wow, that just happened didn’t it?”, was actually one of the first scenes, so I will not spoil it but go check it out yourself.

The show also has an amazing cast with a lot of fantastic actors who portray these characters in such a believable and real way. Featuring the likes of Karl Urban, Erin Moriarty, Jack Quaid, and many many more, all these actors form a web of support that elevates everyone to amazing stature. And not to mention the effects being great, which I won’t go into detail but I will say that they are just violent.

If you haven’t seen “The Boys” yet, I recommend you do, and if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you do. Written by Garth Ennis and co-created, designed and illustrated by Darick Robertson, it was originally published by Wildstorm but then moved to Dynamite Entertainment. This story shows that there is more out there than just DC and Marvel. DC and Marvel are not the end all and be all, and shows like “The Boys” proves it, putting human heroes, normal everyday people, up against gods. That is an amazing way to tell a story and an amazing story to see unfold before your eyes.

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