Amanda Palmer Strips Down For ‘Piano Is Evil’

Palmer Says She’s Not The Killing Type, But I Disagree…

Amanda Palmer has never been one to tone things down. After breaking records on Kisckstarter in 2012 to finance her then unrecorded album Theater Is Evil, Palmer has returned to her landmark record to update and strip down the once heavy and 80’s inspired songs.

With Piano Is Evil, Palmer set out to create a vulnerability with just her voice, her songs, and a piano. Although it doesn’t follow the same track listing as Theater Is Evil, the line up change brings a different feel and flow to the record. For example, starting the album off with “Bottomfeeder” instead of the original release of “Smile (Pictures or It Didn’t Happen)” brings the listener into a more relaxed and intimate setting that continues with the second track “The Bed Song“. Even with “The Killing Type” coming in third, the energy of the album never becomes over the top or hectic. That’s not a bad thing though as the record feeds off her raw energy.

It’s not until “Smile (Pictures or It Didn’t Happen)” that Palmer reaches into her larger than life self to sound like she is performing in an empty cathedral (much like on the album cover) to an imaginary audience. From that point on, the record really kicks off to bring a new and continuous feel all the way to the closing track “Lost“.

I couldn’t picture any other record she could have done this as successfully with. Even “The Bed Song” brings on a new life. Piano Is Evil has to be one of my new favorite records and after the excitement to finally hear the final product, I was far from let down. Palmer brings you into a warm an intimate live show as to what the songs would have sounded like before her original production. I loved this album and will be having it on repeat for awhile. Thank you Amanda Palmer!

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