Alice Cooper Is Your Boss In New Nintendo 3DS Game ‘Scoop’n Birds’

Who Knew His True Passion Was Scoop’n Birds?!

Nintendo’s Scoop’n Birds is now available for the 3DS! In the game, you work in a pet store where your goal is to fling as many birds as possible to your faithful customers. But who could possibly own this oddly serviced pet store you ask? Well, that would be the one and only Alice Scooper! Sounds familiar right?

The idea to have Cooper star in the game came from creator Tim Winsky‘s (developer of Twinsky Games) chance meeting with the legendary rocker during church…

So I’m sitting in church when I notice, two pews behind me, was rock star Alice Cooper,” Winsky told GamesBeat. “Without all the makeup of course. Still, I was pretty surprised. Two years later, and our team just released a quirky 3DS game featuring his character.”

But as for the game, Nintendo also stated that the game will offer “true-to-life scoop physics that perfectly simulate what it’s like to work for a crazy person at a bird store.”

Scoop’n Birds offers players a simple and fun experience, just don’t let down the boss or you’ll lose your head!

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