After Fan Outcry, Sonic Will Be “Fixed” #gottafixfast

After the release of the three minute “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie, fans freaked out do to the horrible cgi version of the titular hero. With such backlash from the fan base, VFX artist Jeff Fowler pledged in a tweet that everyone at Paramount and Sega will be working to fix this monstrosity.

Criticism about the design of the famous 90’s video game character appeared long before the trailer was even released. After the release of a poster hinting at the movie, Sonic’s full body didn’t even appear in the poster, instead opting for just a picture of his legs on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Do to this constant backlash and the reaization that the speedy chillidog loving blue hedgehog will have grotesque teeth, the internet responded in a way that it often does… by making memes. From memes that compare this film to “Detective Pikachu”, to artists actually drawing over the trailer with what they think Sonic’s design should be. This sort of backlash can actually be good though. Because the people at Sega and Paramount seem to care about this movie, they listened to the criticisms of the fans and have to decided to make a change to it.

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