Actor Tim Conway Dies At The Age Of 85

Thomas Daniel “Tim” Conway died at the age of 85 yesterday. Known as a comedic actor, writer, and director Tim Conway did it all. As a cast member of the “McHale’s Navy“, “The Tim Conway Show“, and the great “The Carol Burnett Show“, Tim Conway created a lot of laughs and brought many many smiles to many people’s faces.

One of the funniest comedic talents to come out of the 60’s and 70’s, Tim Conway was able to produce a smile from any person. Often known for trying to kill his co-workers through laughter, Tim Conway did whatever he could to torture them and make them break character. No one ever knew what Conway was going to do next.

Once known for making his co-star on the “Carol Burnett Show”, Harvey Korman, even piss himself from laughter once, or perhaps a few times. Tim Conway will be missed. Riotously funny, the world needs more comedians like Tim Conway.

Here are two of the best skits that Tim Conway had ever been apart of:

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