A New James Bond???

Yet again rumors are abound for the new James Bond film. Minor potential spoilers are ahead because James Bond is changing race and gender. Well, at least the 007 codename is.

Actress Lashana Lynch is supposedly taking the mantle of being the world’s greatest spy in the up and coming James Bond 25. The “Captain Marvel” actress who worked opposite of Brie Larson’s titular character, will become the new 007 star in what has been described as “a popcorn dropping moment” in the newest installment to the James Bond series.

Although Lashana will have the title of 007, Daniel Craig will still be playing the lady killing super spy, James Bond, obviously. While in retirement, again, sort of, James Bond is set to work and is introduced to this new female spy, who seems to have obtained James’ famous codename.

The movie is being described as having the same old Bond and not changing that, but the Bond we all know and love is set in a world he is not so used to. With the increasing “industry” that is counter intelligence and espionage constantly changing, Bond must learn to change with it. Or Bond will become a relic of the past.

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