A Film In Review: The Possession Of Hannah Grace

Dave’s Not Here Man…

What happens when a simple night at the morgue meets demonic possession? The Possession of Hannah Grace happens. Or does it? Much like with my Halloween (2018) review, I’m not mad…just disappointed. With so many missed opportunities at a real good scare or even a little jump, it really left me wanting more.

The film has a pretty basic plot of an ex-cop that now works the night shift at the city morgue. While she’s battling her own demons though, a real one comes along. Filmed in its entirety on a Sony α7S II camera, it was surprisingly beautifully shot. The character development (if you want to call it that) however was not beautiful.

I honestly could not make heads or tails of what this film was about. They kept pushing the word “anxiety” a lot and could have totally created and allegorical film about defeating ones hypothetical demons and not letting your inner darkness consume you. However…with all of the pretty much pointless deaths, that message got a bit lost in the mix.

Speaking of pointless deaths, I have not seen so many characters willingly walk into the clutches of the killer since the 80’s. Is it a slasher movie? Is it paranormal? Is it a message film? I have no freaking clue. There was no character development, no plot line, and barely any music. Films like The Witch and Halloween (1978) created such a haunting and suspenseful atmosphere from their soundtracks and The Possession Of Hannah Grace really could have taken a note from that.

All in all, it just could have been better. There are so many chances to have the audience hang on the edge of their seats and instead we got an 80’s paranormal slasher movie with allegorical undertones that miss the point. If you want a serious film, skip it. On the flip side though, if you are looking for a modern day B movie that you can heckle throughout it entirety (much like I did), this is the perfect for you!

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