A Blast From The Past: The Simplicity of Amby and Dexter

Sometimes Two Hands Are Better Than One

The mind is a  tool for reliability. So many memories from such an early age can go from a complete picture show to a brief clip over the span of ones life. Especially with the dawn of television, so much information is fed to you on a daily basis that simple art forms can sometimes be thrown to the wayside. However, when those brief clips shuffle through the depths of the mind, they can present the warmth and comfort that comes with nostalgia. For many, the Nick Jr. animated shorts of Amby & Dexter bring back the wanting for a simpler time.

Created by Paul Fierlinger and Sandra Fierlinger, these 5 animated shorts featured the two main character for which the series was named after. Performing simple tasks such as gardening or using scotch tape, these shorts feature no dialogue, simplistic artwork, and childlike music.

They were loved by many and some have stated that these were their earliest and fondest memories as children. The series also ran from 1997-2003. Enjoy…


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