31 Days Of Halloween…Day 14…Haunted Attractions


Welcome to day 14 of 31 Days of Halloween!

October is such a busy month, what with all the Halloween prep.  There’s cookies to bake, candy to buy, and so much to do in setting up our celebrations, that sometimes you just wanna take a stroll or a nice ride, and let someone else do the scaring for you.

A haunted attraction is just the way to go to get your spooky on without having to do any work.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest documentaries we could find, on haunted attractions.  And, as a special treat for those who like to know what goes on behind the scenes, we’ve thrown in a couple of walkthroughs, as well.  So, grab yourself a drink, put your feet up, and get ready to meet the ghouls and ghosties!

First up, we’ve got The Darkness, by Scarefest St. Louis.  With over 55,000 feet of space,and more than 250 moving effects,The Darkness is one of the most animated attractions in America.

Please be warned: Many of these haunts rely on strobing lights for some of their effects.  Please use extreme caution when viewing, if you’re sensitive to these devices.

Enter The Darkness

Next is Reign of Terror in Thousand Oaks, CA. Unlike most haunted attractions, Reign of Terror doesn’t rely on a lack of lighting to help them scare you.  Almost all of the attraction is well lighted, allowing visitors to really see what’s scaring the hell out of them.

Reign of Terror

Here’s one of my personal favorites.  Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  Yep, someone got the bright idea to put a haunted attraction in a real haunted location.  I’m not sure how the ghost of Waverly Hills feel about that, but the attraction looks great.  Keep an eye out for one of my personal favorites; none other than Miss Lizzie Borden!

Waverly Hills

We couldn’t pass up this next one out of Winter Haven, FL called The Shallow Grave! This attraction relies on realistic gore and plenty of jump scares to provide a truly old school and super creepy experience!  Sadly, my research tells me that 2017 is the final season for The Shallow Grave.

The Shallow Grave

Wanna see how it’s done behind the scenes?  Check out this daytime walkthrough by The Witch Haunt!  This is a small, amateur attraction that packs a good scare!

The Witch Haunt

Here’s another home-grown haunt, call The Maze.  You can tell these folks do this out of love for the scare!

The Maze

And finally, if you want to see how the pros do it, here’s a behind the scenes look at The Darkness, the first haunt on our list!

The Darkness- Behind the Scenes.

Happy Haunting!


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