31 Days of Halloween…Day 13…The Road Of Horror…Where Is It Going?

 Road Paved In Blood Seems To Be Hitting A Dead End…

Don’t let the picture fool you, I absolutely loved the new IT! I thought it (pun intended) brilliantly captured the spirit of Stephen King‘s novel while still making it’s own statement. Honestly, this was one of the only films in a long time that actually made me jump out of my seat multiple times. But

I’ll also start off by also saying, the horror films coming out now are terrible. All of the previews leading up to the film (with the exception of one) were one astounding blunder after the next. We’re on Saw 22, there’s a new serial killing version of Groundhog Day, and apparently vengeful spirits can travel through Facebook. The only hopeful one that even hit the screen was the new Jennifer Lawrence film, Mother. However, I can also see how that one can go horribly wrong.

It’s not just what’s supposed to be coming out next though. Why is there a prequel to Annabelle? Does there really have to be a sequel to an already dull film about Ouijaboards? Can the Paranormal Activity series just end already?! All of these questions and even similar ones have been repeated time and time again. Let’s be honest too. Even iconic films like Friday the 13th and A nightmare On Elm Street, it does not take a genius to see where and when those films went wrong.

So why does the horror genre seem to go through these cycles of great films to complete trash? Well, money is a powerful thing and studios definitely love money. Like I said before, it doesn’t take a genius to see when certain fads are cashing in on what’s cool. It also doesn’t take a genius to see when a film has no soul.

Having to see this happen time and time again is really disheartening. There’s nothing like a good horror film to scare the crap out of movie goers and traumatize children everywhere. I remember having repeated nightmares in a matter of one night after seeing Halloween II for the first time.

I’m not saying that I’m going to fix the problem, but we do live in an age where it is easy to make ones voice heard. Also, not supporting laughable and painful horror endeavors can create a clear and much needed message that people want originality and want something that is truly terrifying. Just make a good movie, that is all we’re asking! So I guess…

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