2K Apologizes For Racist Social Media Posts After Being Hacked

Video game publisher 2K was recently hacked on their social media accounts Facebook and Twitter, and has now apologized for the inappropriate comments and offensive nature of the hacker. Affecting both the Civilization and Borderlands official pages, one page stood out more than the rest. That page being the official WWE 2K page.

The hacker seemed to be a wrestling fan, going as far as to change the pages profile photo to WWE’s rival company AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and even changing their banner image to feature the now deceased wrestler Chris Benoit, who murdered his son and family before taking his own life. This act has even more impact behind it because Benoit in the photo is standing infront of a banner saying “Hall of Fame”, yet WWE have tried their hardest to erase the memory of Benoit from history after the incident that rocked the whole wrestling landscape.

The hacker then proceeded to post racial and offensive posts on the social media accounts and even began taunting the people at 2K for trying to stop them.

The hacker who identified themself as Nublom proceeded to say, “nublom da goat and they can’t stop me cuz they’re brain dead boys!” as well as saying, “There’s an employee out here refreshing and removing/updating the pic every time and he can’t do anything to stop it, let that sink in ladies and gentlemen.

At this point it is unknown whether or not there was any other intent than to try and embarrass the game developer company, or if it was just another case of internet trolling, or perhaps it was just an outraged fan taking his anger out after the release of WWE 2K20.

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