24/7 Champion R-Truth Running From The Law After “Assault” From An Officer

In this day and age, it is never shocking when a wrestler gets in trouble with the law. It is not uncommon for professional wrestlers to have something on their rap-sheet involving a crime or a misdemeanor, but R-Truth is now “running” from the cops.

The professional wrestler Ron Killings, more known as R-Truth, was pulled over the other day, the officer in question was going to let the 24/7 Champion off with a warning as long as he got a picture with him. Of course the champion obliged and fetched his title from the backseat. While doing so, a second officer changed from his uniform into a WWE officials outfit. When Truth caught on to what was happening, police brutality kicked in with the officer attempting to schoolboy pin the 24/7 Champion, luckily Truth kicked out and fled the scene, still holding onto the belt.

This event just goes to show, that when you have that belt around your waist… you are never safe.

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