The Night Visitor
The Night Visitor



Actress/producer Jennifer Blanc Biehns’ directorial debut, THE NIGHT VISITOR, drops its first teaser today.


The Night Visitor is a unique mix of sci-fi and horror, lensed with the found footage style that has become popular in the genres. “I don’t think there’s another story out there like this one, I’m super excited about bringing something, maybe a little bit different but in a style that people seem to like,” says Blanc-Biehn.  

The teaser will be exclusively screened  in person this Friday, May 10th, at Port City Pop Con, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn will be on hand for introduction and Q&A after. 


The  producing team  on THE NIGHT VISITOR includes Mark Gantt( Bannon Way, Oceans 11), Brianne Davis (Among Friends, Jarhead), Jennifer Blanc -Biehn ( Wrong Cops, Hidden in the Woods, Treachery), Mark Burnham ( Wrong , Wrong Cops), Kate Rees Davies ( Sticks and Stones which stars Blanc- Biehn and is playing Cannes May 20 2013), Lony Ruhmann and Michael Biehn for Blanc Biehn Productions.

TEASER HERE- http://youtu.be/KfUxitt0Ojc

Blanc-Biehn will also be attending Cannes 66th  International Film Festival May 15 to 22nd  to support several upcoming projects this year as an actress, producer and first-time director. 

Blanc/Biehn will be promoting her eerie directorial debut ‘The Night Visitor’, ‘Wrong Cops’ (which just premiered at Sundance), horror/comedy ‘Among Friends’ and ‘Treachery’ with her husband, the film’s star Michael Biehn. She and Biehn, under their Blanc/Biehn Productions imprint which will be for sale in the Cannes film market by Fairway Films, and currently have seven films in production coming out this year or next. 

One of those films officially launching at the Festival is ‘Hidden in the Woods’, a dark controversial remake of the Spanish-language thriller. Blanc-Biehn and Biehn begin shooting the intense film, based on a true story, in July. The film’s producer Loris Curci and international distributor Dimitri Stephanides of WTF will also be in attendance at the launch, May  2013 with Jennifer Blanc – Biehn.

The actress will also be on hand prior to the screening of short film ‘Sticks and Stones’,a narrative about bullying in schools and the lasting effects on children, May 20th  at the American Pavilion. Blanc-Biehn, who stars in the film, will be available before the screening along with director Kate Rees Davies and at the Short Film Corner .

“We have some celebrating to do too, so Cannes won’t be all work and no play,” says Blanc-Biehn, referring to Blanc/Biehn Productions’ recently completed four -picture deal with film executive/investor Lony Ruhmann, who will serve as Executive Producer  on the upcoming films ‘The Girl’, ‘Night Maire’ and ‘Get Back Joe’, now in development. “Lony was so moved by our films and collaborating with us on his story ‘The Night Visitor’ that he pitched three stories right away and is funding this deal into next year on Blanc/Biehns’ roster.

‘Treachery’ is a lead title that is being presented at Cannes with Marty Poole of Fairway Films, which was just added to the roster this week  and is written and directed by Travel Romero (co-creator and co-writer of White Collar.)

With so many projects to endorse at the Festival, Blanc-Biehn might feel overwhelmed, but instead she is exhilarated. “We have so many movies in the pipeline and I’m equally excited about each one,” says Blanc-Biehn. ”Between the roles I choose and our projects at Blanc/Biehn, it’s important that I tell a compelling, emotional story. I’m excited to talk about these films and looking forward to seeing friends, doing a little business and sharing our ideas at Cannes.”

THE NIGHT VISITOR stars Brianne Davis (PROM NIGHT, AMONG FRIENDS, JARHEAD), who will show up on TRUE BLOOD this new season in an episode with TARA BUCK, Gary Cairns (BLACK BUTTERFLIES, HERO WANTED, JUSTIFIED), Jennifer Blanc (DARK ANGEL, WRONG COPS, THE VICTIM), Mark Gantt (THE BANNEN WAY, OCEAN’S 11), Vedette Lim (TRUE BLOOD, HALO4), and Tara Buck (TRUE BLOOD, JUSTIFIED, TOMORROW YOU’RE GONE). “The entire cast blew me away, Gary brings an authentic vulnerability, Vedette is powerful and sexy and Tara is delicious as Hilda,” added Blanc-Biehn. 

Initially the film was to be made outside the Blanc Biehn Productions, but Michael Biehn quickly agreed that it should be under the Blanc Biehn Productions shingle. “Jennifer has such a clear vision for this movie and assembled a great team to support her, I’ve been completely impressed with how smoothly this production has gone and am excited to be a part of it,” says Michael Biehn.


Jennifer Blanc-Biehn was born and raised in New York City, attended the Professional Children’s School and has been acting consistently since she was a little girl. At the tender age of 13, Jennifer was on Broadway inNeil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs working alongside Jonathan Silverman, Fisher Stevens andRobert Sean Leonard. She’s worked on Broadway and appeared in dozens of television shows and movies over the past thirty years and recently founded her own company, Blanch/Biehn Productions with her husband, actor Michael Biehn. They currently have ten films in the pipeline for 2013-2014.


Blanc Biehn Productions is the partnership of famed actors Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.  The pair decided to put their passion for acting and filmmaking into creating their own production company.  Most recently, the duo produced the grindhouse film, The Victim which co-stars Danielle Harris.  The Victim will be released this month in Australia and New Zealand.  The company is finishing post-production on their film Treachery and other films in development. Such as Hidden in the Woods which is launching at Cannes this year and The Night Visiitor which Jennifer Blanc Biehn just directed along with many others so stay tuned.

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